Lucky Fan Interviews Brantley Gilbert

On Monday, January 26, 2015, one lucky fan, Alesha Cintron, was given the opportunity to come into Studio X and interview Brantley Gilbert.

After much excitement, Alesha began the interview.

Q: What inspires you to write songs? I’ve always been curious about the song ‘You Promised’.

A: With me it’s mostly life experiences. I try not to write about anything I haven’t been through or anything I haven’t experienced. So ‘You Promised’ is sitting right back there. (Gesturing to his fiancé). Yeah that one was about the fiancé, that was one of the breakup songs. The cool part about our relationship is she’s got love songs about her and she also has breakup songs and some mean songs she’s not allowed to hear that are on the soon to never be released album. Inspiration can come form a fly on the wall, but alotta times you go through situations that punch you in the chest, like that one. And you know, those songs stand out because you can tell, I think when I sing that one that she tore me.

A: I notice you did a lot of medley of your first album in your concerts. How do you choose those songs?

Q: When it comes down to song selection you have to look at the show like its’ a roller coaster ride. You don’t want to take somebody too far down then have too much of a dramatic up, so it’s really finding a nice vibe, something that sits in the pocket where you can take your tempo stuff at the beginning and then you can slow it down a bit then pick it back up and then you just find a way to make your peaks and valleys not so drastic. As far as the medley goes, a lot of the people wanted to hear stuff off the first record and you know we get like 45 minutes sometimes or up to 90 minutes and you can only fit in so many songs. So you really have to get in the ones you get the best reaction out of or if you really want to play a song one night, I’ll call a play from the line, which is like looked down upon, I think, sometimes when it comes to band members, but you run with it. The medley was kinda cool because we hit bits and pieces of some older songs, so for people that have heard older stuff that want to hear it, hopefully that helps a little bit.

Q: What do you look forward to most about starting a family when you’re married?

A: Well, about starting a family, you jumped right over the getting married part! We want to spend just a little time being us and being married. I guess I’m kinda interested to see if she’s right about when we do have kids if I’m going to be a push over. She calls it ‘puddy’. She says I’m going to be puddy because I am with the dog. But I am but thats my little dude. When I was lonely that dude came out on the road and thats my main man but she says I’m convinced that if we have a little girl I probably will be a push over.

Alysa Woloszyn


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