The Way You Eat A Cupcake Can Reveal Your Personality

By: Greg Sacidor

Next time you are at a birthday party or another social gathering where cupcakes are being served, take notice of how the people around you are eating their cupcake. From that you will be able to find out their personality traits, at least according to one behavioral food expert.

Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert, says that after studying and interviewing  people over the years, she has found that the way one eats their cupcake reveals what kind of personality that person has. According to Boghossian, there are six different ways that someone typically eats a cupcake.

Find the method in which you enjoy this tasty treat and see if the personality attached accurately describes you.

Frosting First. Cake Last.

If you decide to enjoy all the frosting that is on the cupcake first, then that means you are not saving the best for last. According to Boghossian, if you eat your cupcake this way, then that means you tend to be impulsive, outgoing and thrill-seeking.

Cake First. Frosting Last.

Some people go right for the icing, but you go for the cake. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with that. If you go for the cake portion of the dessert first, that just means you are very well-disciplined and can appreciate delayed gratification.

Cupcake Sandwich

It may be a little peculiar, but if you rip the bottom half of the cupcake off and place it on top of the frosting to make a sandwich, then that just means you don’t care what people think and you can best be described as creative and resourceful.

Equal Parts Cake and Frosting

No matter what part is better, some people just have to eat their cupcake by eating equal part cake and frosting. If this is you, then multi-tasking must be a part of your daily routine. Boghossian said that if you eat your cupcake like this, you are reliable and can be counted on to get things done, whether that be at home or at work.

Scrape Off The Icing

There can only be one way to describe someone who decides to take all the delicious icing off of a cupcake……health conscious. If you are not about the icing life not only are you worried about your health, but you also seek substance in all areas of your life.

Fork Please!

Whether it is because the cupcake is too messy or you just want to be proper, some people elect to eat their cupcake with a fork and knife. If that’s you, that means that you are practical. After all, you are the one at the party least likely to have icing smudged all over your face.

Oh… are organized and confident as well.


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