By: Greg Sacidor

Do you use you smartphone right before you go to bed? Do you notice that you also have a hard time falling asleep and/or staying asleep? Well if you do, there could be a correlation between the two.

A new study published in the journal PLOS One has discovered that poor quality sleep was more likely for people who used their smartphones near bedtime.

“When we looked at smartphone use around the time when participants reported they went to bed, more smartphone use around that time in particular was associated with a longer time to fall asleep and worse sleep quality during the night” said author of the study Dr. Gregory Marcus.

Over a 30-day period, the study had 653 participants install an app on their smartphones that tracked the total amount of time their smartphone screen was turned on.

It found that on average, participants used their smartphones for a total of 38.4 hours over the course of the study. Those participants who had a longer than average screen time were more likely to have poorer sleep quality and less sleep overall than those with average or below average screen times.

Poor sleep quality was also more likely for those who used their phones near the time they went to bed.


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