By Shannon Frost Greenstein

It’s NO secret that the Eagles are hot right now.  And they’ve earned it.  They’ve earned every bit of our fan-girling and praise, and NOT JUST because they might take the entire city to the Super Bowl.  Just by being the Eagles, they’re actually benefiting the local economy.  That’s right…everyone’s favorite team is responsible for boosting the already bustling bar business that is the Philly scene.

Billy Penn spoke to a number of local bar owners, from Old City to Fitler Square, all of whom agree on one spectacular point:  Business has increased as the Eagles keep winning, sometimes as much as…wait for it…25%!

That’s HUGE.  Imagine that you’re a business owner, (unless you are already a business owner, and then just think normally) and, because of a stroke of good fortune and a team of hard-working athletes, you can now get holiday presents for your kids without additional stress.  Anything that stimulates the economy has a ripple effect upon the entire city, so you could very well be reaping the benefits of the butterfly effect that is Eagles fervor at this very moment!

It’s not just gameday that is seeing the boost.  According to GM Mike Fiscaro, the GM at Landmark Americana in University City, “Customers are coming back [mid-week] to take advantage of the specials they see advertised during game time.”  Not only does that continue to bolster local businesses, it speaks highly of the quality of product and service at Philly institutions.  Take THAT, pop culture that always complains about Philadelphia!

So the moral of the story?  Keep celebrating those Eagles.  Keep meeting up with friends and family around the city.  Keep going out to your favorite local bar to watch the game.  You’re not just supporting your team, you’re truly helping fellow Philadelphians and small business owners.  HOWEVER, it might be  good idea to get there early if there’s any hope of getting a seat…the rest of the city, apparently, has the same idea!


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