By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Unless your head has been in the sand, or you’re immune to the reach of social media, you’ve probably heard that Blake Shelton is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2017.  Congratulations, Blake!

HOWEVER, if you ARE aware, it might be that you do not QUITE agree.  While many country fans are celebrating this pop culture honor for Blake, others have not been quiet in voicing their opinions.

“Why Blake?” they’re asking.  “Why not one of the other EQUALLY SEXY men who are alive in the country scene?”

Well, we’ve heard you, fans.  So here, for your reading and viewing pleasure, is our list of Five Country Stars Who Are Also Sexy, and Also Alive.

Tim McGraw

timmcgraw 946 Five EQUALLY SEXY Country Stars Who Are Also Alive

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Tim McGraw is rugged.  He’s handsome.  He has that “grizzled cowboy” look.  And, of course, he can sing.  Together, it’s the perfect combination of looks, talent, and heart.  Let’s not even get INTO his twenty-one year marriage to Faith Hill and the fairy tale life they’ve built together.  Tim McGraw is MOST DEFINITELY one of the sexiest country stars who are, indeed, alive.

Luke Bryan

luke bryan terry wyattgetty images1 Five EQUALLY SEXY Country Stars Who Are Also Alive

Photo: Terry Wyatt / Getty Images

Luke Bryan rivals Blake for 2017’s sexiest, in our opinion.  And it’s NOT just because he looks so goddamn good in tight jeans.  He’s sweet, sensitive, and smooth, and the “boy next door” charm just oozes from his very pores.  His talent on stage just makes him sexier, so we are delighted he is still alive and can, in fact, be added to this list.

Keith Urban

keith urban photo by mike coppolagetty images Five EQUALLY SEXY Country Stars Who Are Also Alive

Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Keith Urban.  What can we say?  It’s the hair.  It’s the tattoos.  It’s that indescribable something, and it leaves us staring up at Keith on stage with dreamy expressions on our faces.  What tips the scales in Keith’s favor has to be his sentimental side:  Wife-of-over-a-decade Nicole Kidman admits he writes her love letters when they’re apart.  Yup, you read that correctly.  Like a WWII soldier stationed overseas, Keith Urban writes love letters home to his girl, and that, readers, warrants inclusion of this list of sexy, living men.

Brett Eldredge

brett eldredge photo by john shearerwireimage Five EQUALLY SEXY Country Stars Who Are Also Alive

Photo: John Shearer / Wire Image

Brett is a doll.  He’s spontaneous, adventurous, and ready for anything, as evidenced by his ziplining trip with fans a few years ago.  He lives life looking for drug-free life highs, such as skydiving, swimming with sharks, and…of course…performing on stage.  And he looks REALLY GOOD doing it.  It’s his natural, fun-loving, genuine self which we find so sexy, and he deserves to be included when we’re talking about 2017’s sexiest, and most alive, country stars.

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch courtesy broken bow Five EQUALLY SEXY Country Stars Who Are Also Alive

Photo: Courtesy Broken Bow

Those cheekbones.  That smile.  those musical chops.  Dustin is an all-around winner and sex symbol in our eyes, particularly when he picks up a guitar.  He could be nothing but a disembodied smile on a puddle of flesh, because we melt when he flashes it our way.  He says the girls started flocking to him in high school after he first picked up a guitar, and that is no surprise on this end.  That magnetism is the clear-cut reason we’re including him as a man who is both sexy and, luckily, still alive in 2017.

Well, that’s our list, fans.  We absolutely respect People Magazine’s decision, and congratulate Blake on the distinction…but we want to make sure these other country stars, all sexy, all alive, don’t get lost in the mix.  Let us know if you have a favorite we’ve left off the list!




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