By Shannon Frost Greenstein

After the Thanksgiving dinner and the Black Friday bargain-hunting comes, as you may be aware, the day known as #SmallBusinessSaturday.  It encourages consumers to shop local, to support businesses which may be family-owned or built from the ground up, and to pump some money into the local economy, instead of into chain stores’ pockets.

We fully endorse this endeavor.  What’s more, we’re going to do our part to help a few local businesses.  Some of them are Philly based, some are further away, but all are owned by good, hardworking people who want to pay their bills by doing what they love.  And stories about that, listeners, are what we could all use some more of.

Today, we’re spotlighting Magical Mystery Tours, a local travel agency for the world-traveler who craves SURPRISE above all else!

Now, this is not your typical agency, though they do make all the necessary vacation arrangements, down to the last detail.  What they also do is plan the trip.  The whole trip.  In its entirety.  They surprise you with a location, they surprise you with an itinerary, and they surprise you, ultimately, with the most hassle-free, least stressful vacation you’ve had to date.

How does it work?

You fill out a survey on the Magical Mystery Tours website, which is your chance to explain your budget, your travel dates, your travel preferences and ABSOLUTELY NOTS,  and any other important details.  If necessary, Magical Mystery Tours will contact you to iron out questions or details, and then…that’s it!  THE TRIP IS BOOKED!  You’ll receive a weather report for your mystery destination one week before you leave, so you can pack appropriately, and a few days before you take off, you’ll receive a sealed envelope with all of your travel details!  You’re encouraged to wait until you get to the airport to open it, for the full experience.

Say the ladies in charge…because not only is this a local small business, it’s a FEMALE-LED local small business…,”By letting us handle the arrangements, clients can be confident that consumer reviews are checked, options are carefully researched, and they are provided with all the information needed to select options for their ideal getaway.”

As someone who attempts to plan vacations down to the very minute, and then gets all frustrated when things inevitably do not go as intended, the luxury of having someone else make all the important decisions sounds almost too good to be true.  This is a GREAT present for a couple who can never agree where to go, or for that friend who loves a bit of mystery amidst a serious pampering.  And, bonus!  They offer gift cards, if you want to contribute towards a loved one’s trip or join others in gifting towards a honeymoon.


lisa e1511546903364 Spotlight on Small Business Weekend:  Magical Mystery Tours

But, let’s not forget why we’re turning the spotlight on small businesses in the first place.  It’s #SmallBusinessSaturday, this weekend and Magical Mystery Tours has a deal for you in celebration of that very day!  Anyone booking a trip on Saturday who enters the code SMALLBUSINESSSATURDAY in the comments section of their questionnaire will get $50 off planning fees!

Friends, couldn’t we all use a break…a break that is planned for us, based on our likes and dislikes, with a guarantee that you’re getting the best prices, experiences, photos, memories, and souvenirs?  Well, consider bringing your travel needs to Magical Mystery Tours, and learn about the sweet torture that is…ANTICIPATION.



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