By Shannon Frost Greenstein

If the upcoming Holiday season isn’t enough of a reason to revel in your good fortune, perhaps this piece of news will do it:  Ryan Kinder is at the Foundry at the Fillmore on December 14th, and 92.5 XTU has tickets for you ALL WEEK!

Ryan Kinder has been on the scene as a big name since 2014, but he got his start in childhood, playing at church functions and school events.  He attended the University of Alabama, and was a student there in 2011, when a major tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa and resulted in over 60 casualties.  Kinder attributes that event as the catalyst which moved him to Nashville and started him chasing his dream.  Since then, he has been signed, had the deal fall through, financed his own tour, run out of money, and gotten signed again to Warner/Chappell.

So what’s his motivation?  Why country?  Why the life of a musician?

“I’ve tried to incorporate a little jazz, some rock, and a lot of blues into country,” says Ryah.  “My voice and the way I play guitar wouldn’t have been acceptable five, ten years ago – but honestly and inherently, country is blues. And being able to tell your story through a song? That’s country to me.”

We fully support this young artist, who is already making waves with his single “Still Believe in Crazy Love”, and as such, we’re delighted to be able to give out tickets to his December 14th show!

This is definitely a situation where the early bird gets the worm, because it’s the 5:32 Crew who has the tickets, and they’ll be offering you listeners the opportunity to score some every morning all week!

Kinder is wise beyond his years, attuned to the style of music that people want to hear, and willing to work as hard as necessary to get where he needs to be.  He’s the type of artist who really embodies what country music is all about, and we are so excited that we can offer you the chance to see him!  Remember, tune it at 5:30 all week…if you don’t happen to be awake at that time, set an alarm!  Ryan Kinder is worth it!…for your chance to score some tickets!



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