By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Maren Morris is one empowered chick.

She is ever-changing, growing, evolving the longer she writes music and the longer she shares the stage with names like Keith Urban and Sam Hunt.

And there’s new music, oh, yes.  We don’t know when, and we don’t know what, but we know it will be more than simply fluff, more than the easy route.  Because Maren Morris is fierce, and her songwriting, to which we were first introduced in her album Hero, absolutely reflects her vast talent and creative capacity.

As Taste of Country mentioned, it is the experience she’s gained on tour, performing in front of a live audience and learning to mold her set to the fans and their reactions.  That knowledge is sure to add a layer to Maren’s already complex style and the subject matter around which she writes.

Maren is fired up about representing in the country scene as a woman, one reason why her songs involve more than broken hearts and the ones who got away.  She told Taste of Country that the presence of women on country radio is something about which she feels very strongly.  Maren says, “”I think being a woman (in country music) has its ups because there are so few of us, that the few that there are get attention, but it’s still a very lopsided chart.”

She also speaks candidly about the responsibilities that go along with success…namely, that she has people who work for her, and is responsible for their salaries and safety.  Maren also commented, ““I’m about to be able to put my crew on salary and not a day rate. You just see this team grow and you’re the top of it. It doesn’t go without you.”

Maren, we think you are strong and formidable and a force to be reckoned with.  We at 92.5 XTU are SO EXCITED to hear even a whiff of news about your new projects, and have nothing but support for you as you continue to bring a feminine voice to country radio.  Good luck in 2018!


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