By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Listeners, we don’t know about this weather.

Have you seen the forecast?  54 degrees on Saturday???  Are you believing this???

There’s absolutely no way to walk through a Winter Wonderland when you’re wearing your spring jacket.  Frosty the Snowman would NOT come to life one day in weather closer resembling April than December.  And all of Chesney’s dreams of a White Christmas seem to be going up into the ether, because we really doubt we’ll see any of the white stuff while we’re practically suntanning in our backyards.

That’s why, we think, the 92.5 XTU Elf on the Shelf found himself some “snow” in our paper shredder.

He’s from the North Pole, obviously, and we’re guessing he’s just getting nostalgic for that arctic weather and whiteout conditions.  Eleven months out of the year, he can make snow angels whenever he wants; but this December, when he is employed as the 92.5 XTU Elf on the Shelf, he’s here in Philly, and here in Philly, it’s WARM.  There are no snow angels to be had.

There IS, however, shredded paper to be had, and he has clearly done the best he could to have a taste of home.

(As an aside, have you cleaned up shredded bits of paper recently?  They seem to multiply the more of them you pick up, and then the static kicks in, and they’re sticking to your fingers and to the carpet…and then you realize that Chesney UPENDED the shredder to make his snow angel, and there’s even MORE to clean up?  Have you done that recently?  Cause we have.)


We’re going to spend the morning tidying up the studio floor, and doing our best not to be annoyed with the little scamp who is just homesick for some snowy weather.  We hope he enjoyed his frolicking in the “snow” last night, even if a White Christmas is out of reach!

Check out some more of Chesney’s shenanigans below, and don’t forget to keep coming back to see what else he has managed to destroy!



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