By Shannon Frost Greenstein

So, that was Christmas.  And it was merry, and bright, and now comes the crescendo, the cymbal crash during the National Anthem…you know the one I’m talking about…and the absolute climax of the year:  New Year’s Eve.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of rocking New Year’s Eves.  And I’ve also had my fair share of clunkers, a combination of bad planning, lack of funds, and sheer ignorance as to all this beautiful city…this beautiful life…has to offer.  And you, listeners, are about to benefit from my eons of experience, because I’ve got some rather unexpected suggestions for how to spend the party night of the year.  Away we go:

  • SLEEP.  This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m gonna state the obvious:  Yes, you could go out.  Yes, you could drink.  Yes, you could party.  BUT…you could also stay in and sleep.  And that, my friends, is something no number of Jaegerbombs can achieve.  (Well, actually, I suppose enough Jaegerbombs could achieve the same effect, but you’d probably be starting 2018 in a world of pain that way.)
  • ICE SKATING.  OUTSIDE.  IN THE WINTER.  IN ARCTIC TEMPERATURES.  WE SWEAR IT’LL BE FUN.  The Blue Cross River Rink is Winterfest-ing, whatever that means, with two New Year’s Eve parties coinciding with the fireworks shows on the Delaware River Waterfront.  There will be live entertainment, food, and a great view for the fiery display to ring in the New Year.  Course, it’s December, and it’s projected to be SUPER COLD, so you know what we suggest?  Skip it.  Skip it right over in favor of…
  • SLEEP.  That’s right…sleep again.  I know we already suggested it, but I think it deserves a second consideration.  Mostly because I’m really freaking tired right now, but…aren’t you, also?  Aren’t we all really freaking tired, all the freaking time?  Take this one night to relax, go to bed early, and get lost in dreamland for a full night to reap the benefits of a rested New Year’s Day.
  • UNLIMITED VIDEO GAMES.  Why engage in a lively discussion over tea with close friends as the year draws to a close when you can enjoy single-player video games and get staggeringly drunk?  That’s right, Dave & Buster’s is hosting a (21 and older, obvs) New Year’s Eve Party featuring a four hour open bar and unlimited video game play.  You’ll also get a great, heated view of the fireworks (Hey!  We found the silver lining!) as you’re staring, bleary-eyed at the driving game that has literally occupied over the span of two different years by the time you’re done.
  • NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL EMO.  Eighties and nineties babies who are embarrassed about that emo phase in your late teens, this one’s for you.  The Get Up Kids are at the Troc on New Year’s Eve, and it’s going to be EPICALLY emo.  Before you ask, yes, you can get tickets, and you can do so by clicking HERE For those of you who are unfamiliar with the group or its work, they’re essentially a bunch of alternative musicians who are arrested developmentally and really, really upset about that girl who dumped them back in college, not to mention very angry at their fathers, but if that’s your bag, baby…get those tickets for the 9:30 show!
  • AND FINALLY…SLEEP.  Yes, I know this has already appeared a few times.  But I really think you’re underestimating how great it’ll feel to finally get a full night’s sleep.  You KNOW your poor body has been desperate for some rest…not to mention water, vegetables, less caffeine, and some vitamin D.  Seriously, you can see your friends any other night, 2018 offers 365 entire opportunities for socializing and drinking, and we’re all back to work on Tuesday.  Just CONSIDER it.

And there you have it, friends.  We hope you’re ringing in the New Year in whichever way YOU deem best, but please bear in mind that all of us here are wishing you the very best in the coming year.  We hope for family, and friends, and good fortune, and love, and the pursuit of happiness for us all.  Happy New Year!  Bring it on, 2018!


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