By Shannon Frost Greenstein

It might be an ordinary Thursday for you, but for us here at 92.5 XTU, it’s been a very special Thursday, indeed.

We were lucky enough to host country star Jimmie Allen in the Mealey’s #XLounge this afternoon, and, listeners, we are absolutely reeling.  We can’t quite put our finger on why…it might be because he’s a heartthrob, it might be because his range is AMAZING, it might be because he is kind, genuine, and authentic…but we are captivated by this musician.  And we guarantee you’re going to be, too.

Jimmie didn’t have an easy road to stardom, and it was nothing but his sheer grit which has gotten him this far.  The Delaware native moved to Nashville with $21 in his bank account and an air mattress, with a dream to make it big.  Believe it or not…and you probably won’t, not when you get wind of this guy’s talent…he made some major sacrifices for his success, including living in his car for a time.  Jimmie has earned the recognition coming to him, but he remains the most humble, down-to-earth individual you’d ever have the pleasure to meet.

He talked to us a bit about his rise to fame, including his season on American Idol and a commercial he was lucky enough to book with Taylor Swift…check it out below, he’s the businessman rocking out to Taylor behind the wheel!


Finally, we were lucky enough to hear him play a short set, and, friends, Jimmie Allen has some PIPES.  More than that, though, he sings with such genuine emotion and commitment that you can’t help but relate to his material.  The little boy from Delaware with a dream to be a country musician has evolved into a mature talent who truly appreciates his fans.

And what does Jimmie want, above all else?

He says, “I want what I think all musicians want…our families to hear our songs on the radio.”

Jimmie, we can just about guarantee that you’re making your family proud.  With those lyrics, your songwriting, and the one-of-a-kind delivery…well, let’s just say we anticipate a LONG career for you on country radio.


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