By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Every hero deserves a home, especially those who put their lives on the line to protect us all on the homefront.

Sadly, though, veterans do not always receive the recognition and support they deserve.  This is a fact, and an unjust truth.  Luckily, however, there are people out in the world who do care, who want to see our members of the armed forces comfortable and secure as a gesture of thanks for their many sacrifices.  And when those people are part of a business, you begin to see some amazing acts of kindness and generosity.

Thanks to a partnership between the Travis Manion Foundation, Entercom Communications, and Bachman’s Roofing, Building, & Remodeling, there is now a resource for our veterans in need, an initiative known as “Hero’s Home.”  Hero’s Home is a charitable organization designed to help veterans renovate and rebuild their existing homes.

Why is there a need for this service, you might be asking?  Well, here’s an example.

Charles Trost joined the Air National Guard in 2010.  Utilizing his background as a mechanic, he was responsible for maintaining all unit vehicles and equipment while deployed to Afghanistan.  Upon returning home, he and his fiance Tara bought their first home and began saving for a life-altering expense…the adoption of their first child.

However, they soon realized there were a number of serious issues with the house, which should never have passed inspection.  With a leaking basement, rotting floors and roofing, and an unsafe electrical system, the house should never even have had residents in the first place.

Enter Bachman’s Roofing, in partnership with the Travion Manion Foundation.  Bachman’s is fixing the structural issues and providing a completely new roof, removing the outer walls damaged by water and termites, and installing brand new siding, doors, and windows.  Says Charles and his now-wife Tara, ““Tara and I are so humbled by the support of the Travis Manion Foundation, Bachman’s Roofing, and Entercom. We thought maybe we would have a few small items donated here and there for the house. However, we never expected a company like Bachman’s to donate a brand-new roof, siding and so many other items that our house needs.”

Conversely, Bachman’s and Entercom are honored to be assisting a true hero in his time of need.  Says David Yadgaroff, Entercom Senior Vice President and Market Manager, “Air National Guard Technical Sgt. Charles Trost has served and continues to serve our country so admirably.  We are proud to help provide the Trosts and their hopeful future child with the type of home they deserve.”  Bachman’s , too, welcomed the opportunity to support a local war veteran. “This was an opportunity we were searching for. We wanted to give back; we wanted to help veterans,” stated Greg McNulty, Residential Sales Manager of Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling, Inc.

Thanks to the Travis Manion Foundation and the selflessness of these organizations, the Trosts are soon to be safely ensconced in their newly-renovated home, preparing for eventual parenthood and even continuing to serve the community…Charles is still a reservist in the Air National Guard.

This is a story that showcases the best side of the human condition, and the second installment of the Hero’s Home Initiative, begun in January, is sure to create another happy ending for a local veteran.  We join Bachman’s Roofing and the Travis Manion Foundation in wishing the Trosts the best in the future, and look forward to meeting the next family we’re privileged enough to assist!


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