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CBS3’s Jim Donovan Says ‘If You Are Not Going To Use It, You Should Get Rid Of It’

CBS3’s Jim Donovan has secrets for success when it comes to yard sales.


RaeLynn Joins The XTU MORNING CREW!!!!

RAELYNN joins us to tell us about her new album ‘Wildhorse’, how she’s grown since ‘THE VOICE’ … and how old was she when she wrote the HUGE song ‘LOVE TRIANGLE’?!?!

92.5 XTU–03/29/2017

Dawson Coyle Has Turned Tragedy Into Triumph Through ‘The Voice’

Dawson Coyle has faced multiple losses this year but has gotten through it thanks to his time on ‘The Voice.’


BIG & RICH Join The XTU Morning Crew!!!!

The dynamic duo joined XTU’s dynamic duo Frank and Andie to talk about their new album, what’s really in that bottle on-stage, and John Rich had an uh-oh at a Philly show!!!!

92.5 XTU–03/08/2017


LBT sat down with the XTU MORNING CREW to talk about their new album ‘THE BREAKER’, how Country Music is going worldwide, and do they know if LUKE BRYAN telling us all little white lies?!?!

92.5 XTU–02/24/2017

Woodbury Principal Uses Fridays To ‘Inspire And Excite’

Can you imagine your principal showing up on your doorstep? Well that is what one Woodbury, New Jersey principal is doing.



The new album is OUT – and Brett is a busy, busy man. But – on this Valentine’s Day – is he making any time for someone special??!!

92.5 XTU–02/14/2017


OMMMMMGGGGG – Garth Brooks is FINALLY coming back to Philly! He talks to Frank and Andie about what he’ll do when he gets here, why it’s been SO LONG since he’s been here – and… how’s the family?! How’s the BEARD?!?! We’re talking ALL THINGS GARTH BROOKSSSS!!!!

92.5 XTU–02/10/2017

Behind The Scenes With JASON ALDEAN And The XTU MORNING CREW!!!!

Catch what you DIDN’T hear on the air with JASON ALDEAN this week as he joined Frank and Andie to talk about the Megaticket, playing in Philly, and MORE!!!!

92.5 XTU–02/02/2017

Commander Clark of CBS’ Hit ‘HUNTED’ Joins The XTU Morning Crew!!!!

It’s the MOST INTENSE game show you’re gonna’ find on TV – ‘HUNTED’ star Commander Robert Clark joins the XTU Morning Crew to break down this CRAZY game of hide-and-go seek!

92.5 XTU–02/02/2017

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