Ashley McBryde

January 8, 2018
ASHLEY MCBRYDE   Ashley's album, "Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega", has been lauded by country artists and critics alike as a true-blue, authentic country album.  It pays its dues with an homage to traditional country songwriting, but is firmly entrenched in a modern world with a modern, FEMALE perspective.  As the New York Times said, "What makes “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” transcend is songwriting, songwriting,’s intelligently constructed and casually delivered, full of rich imagery." Ashley is touring this winter and spring with Luke Combs (WOW!), so we were truly blessed to have her presence in the X Lounge last October.  Her voice can do otherworldy, superhuman things, adding yet another dimension to her songwriting.  Her work is gritty, imbued with emotion, and the kind of sound that literally changes its listeners for the she says herself, it, "...make(s) the best of the worst day kinda night.”