Brandon Lay

January 8, 2018
  When we hosted Brandon Lay, did we suspect he would be opening for Kenny Chesney's 2018 "Trip Around the Sun" tour?  We suspected he was destined for great things, but THAT, listeners, is an achievement.  Brandon grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, situated directly between the two music towns of Memphis and Nashville.  As an artist, he strives to convey the life lessons he's accrued in a way that his listeners can relate to.  To him, there's no better genre than country to reach those fans. He says, "The most satisfying feeling as a songwriter is when people come up and say, 'I know exactly what you meant in that line.' Country does that like no other genre." Brandon's influences can best be summed up by his single, "Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers."  Growing up, he listened to country radio consistently, played three sports, and attended church services where his father presided as a minister.  Country music, to him, helps him figure out his place in the world and what he can learn from that. He had our hearts a'fluttering when he was in the X Lounge...I mean, just look at him...and we were blown away by his raw talent.  Brandon is definitely a country artist to watch, because his star just keeps getting brighter.