Infant Totally Digs Dad's Guitar

January 23, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Any parent knows the joy of making their child smile.  We make faces, use silly voices, have stuffed animals talk...anything to see our babies light up and giggle. New York-based father Dan Fowlks discovered this using his own method, and when the result was posted to Facebook, it wracked up six million views and counting. Dad tried playing the guitar for his infant daughter, and her reaction is priceless.  There's laughter, clapping, some impromptu choreography... well, just check it out below.   Naturally, some parents had some criticism of the video...because, the internet.  Other parents posted their fears that the child would fall off the bed or injure herself in some other way.  But Mom had something to say about that. “If you notice, my husband puts his leg up to keep her from falling,” she wrote. “It’s funny how you had to point that out when clearly it was just meant to be a cute and endearing video.” We trust that the baby's parents are keeping her safe, so no criticism here.  And we are TOTALLY in favor of parents playing music for their children...just look at how happy this infant was to hear an acoustic version of "Dream Lover"! BRB, going to watch the video again.