Philly Firefighters Add Eagles Caps to Official Uniform

January 26, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein I don't think anyone can disagree that firefighters are everyday heroes.  Actually, strike that...they're more than everyday heroes.  They're literal heroes, and we here at 92.5 XTU are in awe of their courage and commitment. We're lucky enough in Philly to have some of the finest, and for the next two weeks, we're all going to get to see their quality with a WELL-LOVED symbol that is perfectly appropriately timed. The Philadelphia Fire Department tweeted on Wednesday that they are, as of that moment, legally authorized to add Eagles caps to their official uniform. Local firefighter Jennifer Leary added a selfie to the tweet in all of her Eagles-capped glory. Personally, we could not endorse this idea more enthusiastically.  The Eagles work hard.  Firefighters work hard.  Heck, this whole city works hard, and we ALL deserve to have our moods lifted by a reminder that our favorite team is reaping the benefits of their hard work, too. Ideally, you won't have need for any firefighters to be in your immediate environment at any point, but, God Forbid, if you do see some, make sure to check out those caps and lead them them all in a rousing E-A-G-L-E-S chant.  And sorry about whatever's on fire being, you know, on fire.