Local Jeweler Offering Super Bowl Tickets with Engagement Ring Purchase

January 31, 2018
By Shannon Frost Greenstein Picture the perfect engagement. What do you see?  A gorgeous ring, an amazing setting, two people hopelessly in love, a story you'll remember forever? Well, that's what we want for you, for each and every one of you.  And, if you happen to be on the precipice of marriage, and are also an Eagles fan...and, let's be honest, who isn't, at this point?...the perfect proposal is about to fall into your lap. Bernie Robbins Jewelers, located in Radnor with four stores total, is offering two Super Bowl tickets to the first person to buy a $50,000 engagement ring from any of its locations. According to CEO Harvey Rovinsky, "At the game last Sunday, it was electric there. The crowd was great, the spirit was great. I immediately bought two Super Bowl tickets.” “Philadelphia needs this as a city,” he added. “These are a great bunch of guys.  The coach is terrific.  What better way can I do this than to offer it to our clients?” While $50,000 might be a rather steep engagement ring, bear in mind all of the people who might be in the market for such a purchase...well-off millenials, baby boomers on a second marriage, an older couple who couldn't afford an engagement ring when they first got married.  A beautiful ring is a perfect present, so why not purchase it from Bernie Robbins Jewelers and propose at the Super Bowl? Says Rovinsky, "These tickets are in section 312 at the 45-yard line. They’re really good tickets. It’s a great value on the ring and Super Bowl tickets. Can you imagine proposing to your future wife at the Super Bowl?” Oh, Harvey, we're picturing it.  We're seeing ourselves on the Jumbotron, partner on one knee, holding out an exquisite ring as the crows cheers and tears flow and the Eagles win. What's that?  Well, yes, most of us are already married, but can't you just let us enjoy the fantasy??? Listeners, please, someone, go out and buy a ring to score these tickets.  We're desperate to see the scene described above, and just think about it...wouldn't you like your engagement story to include the FIRST EVER EAGLES SUPER BOWL WIN???