Clare Dunn Wowed us in the Mealey's X Lounge!

This down home gal has got QUITE the stage presence!

April 13, 2018


Clare Dunn, you might be surprised to learn, grew up on a working farm and ranch in Colorado.  This renaissance woman is not only a rising country artist, but can also drive a tractor and an 18-wheeler!!!

However, her farming skills are not what have us so impressed.

She visited us in the Mealey's X Lounge on Thursday, and we were lucky enough to catch a great performance from the "Tuxedo" singer.  Clare was unbelievably gracious, endlessly charming, and a true entertainer.  Her lyrics are universal, in that anyone...male, female, young, or old...can find themselves or their life situation within the words.  Not only is her songwriting top notch, however, but her voice is even more impressive.  This artist can belt like it's her job...which, incidentally, it is...and some of the notes she hit gave us chills.

From Colorado, through Texas, with a stop in Nashville for college at Belmont University, and finally here in Philadelphia...Clare is taking the country community by storm, and we guarantee hers is a name you're going to continue hearing!

Check out the video of her performance below!