Snow Leopards Biting Their Own Tails Melt the Internet with Cuteness

Cute feline predators eating their own tails? SIGN US UP FOR THIS BANDWAGON.

May 24, 2018

It started as just an ordinary tweet.  Or, rather, a thread of them.

It was a cute photo, with a cute caption, instantly designed to make me want to delve further into the Twitterverse:

Well, as you can imagine, it took off.  And by taking off, I mean there are now SO MANY ADORABLE PHOTOS OF SNOW LEOPARDS EATING THEIR TAILS.

The original poster, Ray Paoletta, does his part by providing several more examples of the feline predator biting its own appendage.

Then some other users got in on the fun.

Eventually, things devolve the way they so often do on the internet...into kittens.

Apparently, this is a trait which could be ingrained, intended to prevent frostbite in the snow leopard's native habitat.  Or, biologists also surmise, because the snow leopard is, essentially, a could just be being, you know, a cat.

Either way, there are COUNTLESS more snow leopards biting their tails on the Twitter thread, so enjoy the photos!