Tell Me Something Good: Philly Cop and PECO Worker Save Priceless Wedding Ring

The city officials rescued an heirloom wedding ring which fell in a sidewalk grate.

June 6, 2018

I'm sure you've been there.  You've dropped something important in a place that is not easy to get to.  You've tried everything...duct tape, hangers, keychain lasso.  You've had the person with the skinniest arms reaching into that crevice for fifteen minutes, and you just can't reach that thing.

Well, it hasn't just happened to you.  Steve and Erin Brown of Plymouth Meeting were enjoying a night in the city last weekend, when Steve's wedding ring slipped off his finger and rolled into a sidewalk grate.

Now, that's devastating in the most normal of circumstances, but Steve's ring is actually an heirloom...passed down from his grandfather, with his grandparents' initials engraved into the metal.

The couple returned to the city on Saturday, trying everything in their means to get to the ring.  They tried most of the methods mentioned above, and probably several others, before their predicament caught the eye of a passing Philly cop.

The officer called PECO, which kindly sent a worker to the location.  His mission?  Recover the ring, replace the grate, and go back to saving the day for the rest of the residents of Philadelphia, as PECO workers do every day.

It took NEARLY AN HOUR of searching for the ring to be recovered.  But recovered it was, by the determined city officials, and returned to its grateful owner.

The moral of the story?  Philly's finest and its fine city employees are doing things like this every day.  They want to help you, when you need the help, and, as illustrated by Steve and Erin's story, they are always happy to be of assistance.  

We're glad you got your ring back, Steve!  Keep that thing on next time!