Tell Me Something Good: Razz on the Radio and America's 9-11 Ride

This event is for a wonderful cause, and our own Razz gets personally involved!

May 16, 2018

Last week, in the spirit of "Tell Me Something Good", we told you all about America's 9-11 Foundation, Inc., and its event, America's 9-11 ride.  It is not only a ceremony to remember, but one to foster raises funds for scholarships for the children of first responders, while also honoring those we lost in the terror attacks on 9/11/2001.  

What makes this particularly close to our heart, however, is because it's an event that means a lot to Razz on the Radio.  And if Razz cares about's worth caring about.

Raz has participated in America's 9-11 ride since 2011...but it's only since 2013 that he's ridden with the hordes to honor the fallen.  How is that possible?  Well, for the first two years, he followed the line of cycles in a 92.5 XTU station vehicle.  The first year, he even compiled a great video of the entire event that is absolute REQUIRED VIEWING if you want all the feels.

But, even he had to admit that something was missing those two years.  There was a difference between following and participating; between documenting and authentically experiencing.  So, by the time 2013's freedom ride came along, he had learned to ride a motorcycle thanks to Barb's Harley Davidson in Mt. Ephraim, NJ.  

That year, he captured some great shots from the trenches. 


He rode, as a member of a brotherhood forged to honor first responders and the 9/11 victims, from PA to VA to NY.  He rode in rain or shine.  He rode all day. 

"What do you think about the whole time?"  I asked him.

He spoke about 9/11/2001, in the tone of voice we all adopt when we talk about what we were doing on 9/11/2001.  He grew up ten miles outside of New York City, in Belleville, NJ; he's familiar with the city.  On that day, he was driving down the turnpike as the towers were burning, and then did his job...he went on the radio, and tried to make sense of the tragedy for his listeners.  He spoke about remembering friends he'd lost at the World Trade Center, about wondering where their lives would be now if something minute had changed that Tuesday.

It's a time for soul-searching, I imagine, and grieving, and healing.  Because we are all healing, still.

Razz is considering participating in this year's 9-11 ride yet again!  And YOU could sponsor him, or any rider!  Go HERE for more information about donations and sponsorships, or click HERE to inquire about the opportunity to get Razz himself to the big event!  Remember, all the proceeds raised from America's 9-11 ride go towards college scholarships for the children of first responders.  

And if you STILL need more convincing, stop by America's 9-11 Foundation's booth at the 34th Annual XTU Anniversary Show this weekend!  They'll be there representing, and you can see in person the heroes who make this incredible occasion possible.

We'll see you on Sunday at the show!