Throwback Thursday: Brothers Osborne at the XTU Anniversary Show, Then and Now

Did you know that the Anniversary Show was one of their first performances after being signed?

May 10, 2018

So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, our special #TBT for you is...Brothers Osborne.  And yes...there's a story.

Once upon a time, there was a brand-new, newly-signed acts with ton of potential.  And they agreed to play the 30th Annual XTU Anniversary Show.  And we were excited to have them play our side stage, and honored to learn that we were actually their first live performance since being signed as a band.  (How's that for pressure, though, for a new act?  Have you seen the crowds at the Anniversary Show???)

So, you see, they were brand new, so there was no tour bus yet, and they're brothers, so it makes sense that this would happen...because they came to their first performance in the family car, with Mom behind the wheel, there to support her sons.

I know.  It's adorable.  It's country.  It's music.  It's family.  It's everything.

And then, this brand-new, newly signed act went on to become SUPER FAMOUS and EVERYONE KNOWS THEM and they're SO TALENTED and SUPER CUTE, TOO and it's Brothers Osborne, natch.

So imagine how ecstatic we are that this story ends...for now...with another stop at the XTU Anniversary Show!  

THAT'S RIGHT!  You'll see Brothers Osborne this Sunday, May 20th at the 34th Annual XTU Anniversary Show!  And you can BET that they're not playing the side stage this time.

You can purchase tickets for the show HERE, or try your luck at winning a pair at one of our many X-Stops and Ticket Runs!

T.J. and John, we knew it from the guys are stars.  And we are just as excited to see you once again this year!  Thanks for the loyalty!