Two-fer Tuesday: Two Brothers for the Price of One at the 34th Annual Anniversary Show!

Tuesdays are all about #doubletrouble, and Brothers Osborne certainly fit the bill.

May 15, 2018

We are mere days away from the 34th Annual XTU Anniversary Show, and while Dierks Bentley is the headliner, we're equally as excited for the other acts we're honored to host!

Only one of those acts makes sense to highlight on Two-fer Tuesday, though, and that act is CLEARLY Brothers Osborne.  Because there is...count ' Brothers Osborne, two Brothers Osborne, and that pair is a two-fer if we've ever seen one...two adorable, talented, charming country artists in one act!

And because Two-fer Tuesday is a day of #DoubleTrouble, we want to throw it back to John and T.J.'s days growing up in Deale, Maryland, a blue-collar fishing town on the Atlantic seaboard.  

Rumor has it, the pair was close even as children.  They shared a room until John went to college, and even...wait for it...bunk beds.  (I know!  My heart just pitter-patted, too.)

While they were apart temporarily during college, they  met up again on the other side in Nashville, and the iconic group was born.  After a childhood spent surrounded by music and songwriting, thanks to their parents and extended family, this pair seems destined to take the country world by storm.  And they're going to do it together.

The pair is resolute in their beliefs, even going so far as to risk ostracizing their fans with satire or controversial stances on politics and gun control.  But so far, that hasn't face, they are more popular than ever, their fame growing exponentially and their hits becoming all the more familiar.  You have to wonder what the future will bring, with this level of artistry, conviction, and brotherly love as the foundation for their music.

That sounds like a recipe for #DoubleTrouble, too.  :)