We Love SmithField, and SmithField Loved the Mealey's X Lounge!

Hey Whiskey is more than SmithField's first single...It's their foundation.

June 4, 2018

Want to hear a SmithField story?

They were fighting the good fight as a country duo, they had been signed and seen some light at the end of the tunnel, when their label folded and they found themselves unable to progress forward, but unwilling to give up.  As I'm SURE we can all understand, they needed money, and they didn't have enough.

And then they literally wrote themselves out.

Their song "Hey Whiskey" is what did it, what started it all, what launched the pebble that is leading the the avalanche which is their career.  That is the song which people, again and again, mention to them in the Meet and Greet line.  That is the song to which fans relate, in which we can all see ourselves and our own individual life stories.  That is the song they played to get a bank loan...literally played it, at a bank, in the process of getting the loan.  That song is precious to them, as well it should be.

Anyway, all of that is just a way to say that we had SmithField in the #MealeysXLounge today!  And they were phenomenal!

First, they sat down with Razz on the Radio to discuss their path to this moment, and PLEASE, listeners, forgive Jennifer her Cowboys gaff.  She knows not what she says.

Then, it was time for them to perform.  And for the next fifteen minutes, we sat in awe of the perfection that was their two voices blending into one seamless performance.  While they are not a couple...repeat, are NOT a couple...they even included a love song, inspired by Jennifer's grandmother's love for her grandfather as an overriding force during her formative years.

And, of course...they play Hey Whiskey.

Take a look!

SmithField, thanks so much for stopping by.  Your story gives us hope that sheer grit really can get you places, and with talent like yours, we won't be surprised to see you go far!