We're Looking for XTU Anniversary Show X-Perts!!!

Come Be Part of Our X-pert Panel on Air with Frank and Andie!

April 16, 2018

So, we want to know...how many Anniversary Shows have you been to?

This year's May 20th show is of the 34th annual variety, which means there are THIRTY-THREE others you could have attended.  

Why do we want to know?

Because we are looking for XTU Anniversary show X-PERTS to join our panel on air with Frank and Andie to talk about their Anniversary Show X-PERIENCES!  Our X-PERT panel will answer questions, share stories, and join the Morning Crew on a broadcast as we lead up to the big event!

You can vote in our Facebook poll, tag a friend who you think is an X-PERT, or take to Twitter with the hashtag #XTUAnniversaryShowXPert and your number of attendances.  We'll be on the lookout for the X-PERIENCE and X-cellent starpower we need to broadcast across the radio waves!

And don't forget...Ticket Runs and X Stops are still going on, and tickets to the anniversary show are on sale now!